Old Boy (2003)

I was hearing moans and groans from the film community saying that Will Smith and Speilberg were remaking the film that I am going to review, “Old Boy.”

One of the hosts of a podcast that I listen to recommended this film. I have to say that it’s not my kind of movie.

This is the imagining of director Chan-wook Park. It’s a South Korean film that started with a drunk, Oh-Daesu gets kidnapped and held prisoner for 15 years. Suddenly, he is freed.

I have this rule. My “30 minute” rule. I have this in place so I don’t waste my time with movies that I know I will hate.

The first 30 of this movie did not interest me in the least. Personally, I don’t care about the remake. I don’t know how they are going to make cock-diesel Will Smith be imprisoned for 15 years. No way that can happen.

Don’t remake this movie.


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