Never Forever (2007)

This film was a recommendation by a couple of podcasts that I have listened to, “Filmspotting” and “Cinebanter.” Thank you for the recommendation.

“Never Forever” is about a stressed housewife, Sophie (Vera Farmiga) and her husband, Andrew (David McInnis). He is Korean-American and she is white. This causes a divide between herself and his deeply religious family.

After Andrew’s father’s death, they are more determined than ever to conceive a child to carry on the Lee family name. Due to Andrew’s infertility, Sophie is desperate to become pregnant.

After an appointment at the sperm bank, she overhears another Korean man, Jihah (Jung-woo Ha) being rejected from giving a sample because his visa expired a year prior.

She “seeks him out” to proposition him about a chance to get impregnanted. Jihah accepts it and the film did not go the way I thought it would. That’s a good thing.

This was the latest directional effort from Gina Kim. I thought the last shot of the film was beautiful.

Go see this film. A beatuiful love story.

I will issue a warning. If you get past the first 25 minutes of this movie, then you are home free. Also, Andrew and Jihah do not look alike. I thought it was a little offensive that Kim thinks that all Korean men look the same.


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