WALL-E (2008)

“WALL-E” is Pixar Studios latest offering. It is about a small robot WALL-E that is cleaning up the planet Earth after seven hundred years of desolation. It is the last WALL-E in existence. It is friends with a cockroach that reminds you of Kenny from “South Park.”

One day, a scout ship comes and drops off, EVE. WALL-E falls in love. It shows EVE his ship and also the 1950s musicals on the TV. It’s so touching the love story. The scenes of the planet were superb.

However, when the action goes into the mother ship when Eva is summoned back with WALL-E close behind, I have to say that it turned me off. The whole ship is filled with advertisements for the Buy N Large, a company that is controlling everything on the ships. The ship is home to four hundred pound humans that drink their meals, talk to people beside them on virtual screens, and them reclined in their chairs. People that are completely myopic that they don’t know how to walk, read or see what is around them.

It is painting an unflattering look at consumerism, commerialism, our carbon footprint, global warming, littering and what will the future unfold if we don’t change our ways. It’s basically saying that this is what America is. I don’t need your propaganda.

The animation on the spaceship looks cartoonish. WTF! Another thing, if they stayed in those chairs for 700 years. How did they have sex?

Doesn’t WALL-E remind you of Short Circuit?

I loved the love story between EVE and WALL-E. You have to get past the preachiness of the spaceship scenes.


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