Sideways (2004)

I was hesitant in seeing “Sideways” back when it received a bunch of awards back in 2004. Everybody was saying that this was the best movie of 2004. I disagree with that.

I saw the movie and I liked it. It was a good movie, but it was not the best movie.

I also read the book by Rex Pickett after I saw the movie. I want to personally reprimand Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor for fucking up the source material.

They made Miles into a loser. In the book, he is a failed screenwriter who has a problem with the vino that he knowledgeable about. He uses his “advanced vocabulary” to make other stupid to hide his pain from his divorce from Victoria. Miles drives a Range Rover. Jack is marrying a costumer named Barbara, who is closer to his age actually. Changed some of the situations around. Maya was a voluptuous, raven-haired vixen and changed the Jack’s lover whose name was Tara, a pseudo-hippie earth mother girlfriend.

There was one scene that I loved in the book was the love scene between Miles and Maya in the cabin with a glass of wine being dribbled on a certain body part. Classic.

I understand that they had to jettison some subplots, entire scenes and peripheral characters, but damn. I would like to see most of book on screen. I didn’t see that.

They made a Frankenstein of a movie. They took equal liberties with “Sideways” like that did with “About Schmidt”. People complained about the way that they changed the second half of that movie. How dare you.

I want you two to hand back your Oscars now.


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  1. This film is awesome. You’ve summed it up perfectly. Giamatti is brilliant in this film, and I thought the work of Haden Church in this too, is excellent. I never cared much for Church’s work prior to this, but Sideways proved he wasn’t just a badly written sitcom actor. Good review, check out mine when you can!

  2. I did love the film, but the book was equally as good. I didn’t know why Payne/Taylor butchered it. There was no need for it.

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