Shoot ‘Em Up (2007)

I saw the television première of “Shoot ‘Em Up” on HBO. I will preface this by saying I saw the trailer for this movie before it opened last year and I said, “He’s shooting guys while carrying a baby. What the fuck?” After watching the film, I added “Who green lit this schlock?” The studio exec needs to be fired.

It’s a typical shoot ‘em up kind of movie. The hero is inexplicably an expert with a firearm, beds the lone woman in the movie (Monica Bellucci) and the final showdown the bad guy (Paul Giamatti) dies.

The movie is ludicrous in the premise. Clive Owen’s character, “Smith”, is a cross between Dirty Harry and Grissom on “CSI.” He eats carrots and kills a couple of guys with them. He rigs guns with a bunch of strings on one scene. Nobody has time to rig all of those guns, unless he is like Popeye when he eats spinach.

It was supposed to be a satire of those kinds of movies with the bad jokes and situations. Just an awful movie. Avoid this at all costs.


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