Recount (2008)

I caught “Recount” while surfing through the channels on the television. It’s a fictionalized recounting—no pun intended—of the debacle of the 2000 presidential election.

I remember that it was first election that I was legally able to vote for and I thought, “Is this what elections are like?”

Every knows the story of the Florida recount being challenged by the Democrats and the Republicans.

This movie is focusing more on the Liberal side of it. I have to say that it was funny. Laura Dern as Katharine Harris and Dennis Leary made this movie. I loved them. Spacey and Wilkinson were good, too.

I think the best line of the movie was at the end when the Supreme Court gave the predisency to George W. Bush. Jim Baker and Ron Klain have a last conversation. Spacey says to him, “Do you think the right person won?” Baker says, “Yes.” And we all know, that he wasn’t. Oh, the irony.

See it.


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