In Bruges (2008)

This has been heralded as the sleeper movie of 2008. I would have to agree. “In Bruges” is about two hit men who hide out in Bruges, Belgium after a hit goes horribly wrong in London. Brendan Gleason plays Ken and Colin Farrell plays Ray. While they are in Bruges, Ken wants to take in the glorious medieval buildings, and Ray acts like a little kid saying that Bruges is a shithole. He complains about everything about the city.

I don’t want to give away the movie, but I will say that this movie is not politically correct with the language and the situations. Ken and Ray are very charismatic that you have to forgive them with say the things that they say.

I have seen plenty of hit man movies, but this movie is so different. It’s not all about the killings. It’s about why are you killing this person. What is your motivation of killing this target? Ray is having that dilemma.

Ralph Fiennes plays Harry and his LOVES the word, “fuck”. I don’t really like him here. He is supposedly “the boss”, but he is repellent to me.

This movie is so refreshing and it’s not pretentious. It’s a nice postcard about a world that most of the world has never known.

Buy this movie. Put it in your collection. Done.


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