FB Recommendation: Saints and Soldiers (2003)

I saw this movie recently and it forever changed my perception of war. It’s not all black and white like you have seen in other WWII movies. I have become an unspoken advocate for this movie to all of my snobby friends.

The story is about four Allied Soldiers that escape a makeshift POW camp near Malmedy, Belgium. The incident was later named “The Malmedy Massacre.” They go on a journey to get to Allied territory. On the way, a British intelligence officer crashes near them who has very powerful Intel that subsequently changed the path of the war.

I won’t give the entire movie away, but I have to say that I came away from it with a new understanding about faith, friendship, what is an ally, what is an enemy. Nothing is clear cut in war.

“Saints and Soldiers” quietly came and went when it traveled the film festival circuit in 2003 into 2004. It was nominated for Best First Feature at the Independent Spirit Awards in 2005. It lost to “Garden State”.

Side note: I have to say that I think that “Garden State” is terribly overrated. I saw it and I liked it, but it doesn’t deserve all the praise it got at that time.


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